Thursday, October 22, 2015

Choosing Joy: Baby Pool

I've noticed as this pregnancy has progressed that I've often had to consciously choose joy. And a lot of the things that have brought me joy for this baby and pregnancy have been the "normal" pregnancy things - things like baby showers and maternity photos. They're pretty hard to embrace at first and there are those little alarms that go off in the back of my mind. ("Well, what if you end up losing the baby, won't this just make it more painful?" "Why are you celebrating already, nothing to celebrate yet.") But by forcing myself to ignore those nagging thoughts, I've regained some of the normalcy of pregnancy. I've been able to celebrate and be the glowing mother-to-be and share in the joy of this baby with my friends. That is a gift.

So, in the spirit of joyfully celebrating our upcoming baby and because I'm just about two weeks out from my due date, I'm hosting a baby pool where you can guess the baby's sex, weight, length, birthday, etc. Click here or on the banner below or on the sidebar to go to the website that fancily will tally up all your scores and come up with a winner.

This pregnancy has been pretty different from Lucia's, but in case you'd like a frame of reference, she was 8lbs even, 19.75 inches long, and born eight days "late" at 2:53pm.

And because games aren't fun without prizes, I will offer the winner her choice of Lilla Rose hair accessories from my business (up to $20) and a baby hat knitted by yours truly in the color of choice. Good luck!

hats I knitted for our baby, currently awaiting their owner


  1. What a cute game - and a handy website!! I'll have to bookmark for future baby pools. :)

    1. I think it's really the best website for baby pools out there. It's not as pretty as some others but it doesn't require guessers to sign up AND the host can enter a bunch of guesses themselves. I've used it when I've hosted baby showers and after the showers entered everyone's guesses into the website. After the baby is born, I entered the baby's stats and it calculated the winner for me so I could send out the prize! Made it so much easier than trying to calculate myself.